Is there such a thing? Does an #indieauthor have a chance at it?

Is a free eBook a waste of your (and your reader’s) time? :::This question is at the heart and soul of this post, and in fact – the answer to the question of “Can I make money being published?”

I used to think that free eBooks were the best thing ever, and then I thought they were a waste of time, and now – 3 years into the publishing world – I’ve landed in the middle.

Shocker, huh? 🙂

Though the data was hard to mine, let me share some stats from the Big Mama herself (that would be Amazon):

That’s roughly 3.5 million Kindle books available on Amazon – and more are added daily. To ignore the Kindle market is to ignore a large market sector that has their wallet open and ready. Because you can count on one thing from Amazon for certain: if it makes them money they do it. Not a chance on those books being there and not turning them a tidy profit. I can promise you that!

SO HOW do we maximize that opportunity? The short answer is to get your book on the Kindle store and make sure it’s a good one.

That is the problem that has arisen from so much content. A bunch of it is pure junk. Put a book on Amazon Kindle – and set it to free or $.99 – just make sure it is a GOOD one. Imagine you’ve been contracted for a $500,000 book contract and this is the book you’re writing. That, my friend, is the book that should end up on Amazon Kindle, not something you scraped together in an afternoon.

let me show you how: HERE

Write the book, put it on Amazon Kindle, and make certain it is of the highest quality writing you’ve ever put out. Because it very may well end up being the key to your $500k book deal.

What do you think about this? Do you have a book on Kindle now? Feel free to post the link below and we’ll give it a look-see!



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