In the book The War of Art, Steven Pressfield says that every artist hits a wall. It’s a function of the ego being afraid of success. Deep in ourselves we know what we are doing has the potential of impacting our culture and deep down… we are scared shitless. Of course that’s a paraphrase… I don’t see Mr. Pressfield using the word “shitless”. Still – the meaning is the same.

We are afraid of success waaaay more than we are afraid of failure. It just feels the other way around. For example, I started a memoire two years ago. Not finished yet. In the interum I’ve written a children’s book, a YA romance and have a couple other projects in the works too. NONE OF THEM ARE FINISHED. Why? I suspect ol’ Steven is onto something and I’m scared [shitless] of any one of those books becoming successful. While I dream of this very thing happening I also realize that it will change things if it does.

Have you been afraid of success? Comment below and tell me about it. Maybe we can get matching t-shirts. 😉

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