A street team is a group of fans who come together to support a specific author. The term is also used for fans who adore specific artists, bands, or causes. Kind of like groupies … but more respectable. And useful. They’re all about creating buzz for your books. – Barefoot Writer

The term useful there is extremely important for you to notice. Here is how they can take your book from released to LAUNCHED:

  • Having a Street Team allows you to give out Advanced Reader Copies to people you do not know in real life. New readers = more sales.
  • Street teams are positioned to put you in direct contact with your readers. Their feedback is invaluable both in content and suggested edits and in marketing mojo.
  • Street Teams will help your social media marketing really take off. They are in direct contact with you. Imagine if you have 100 team members, and they each like, comment and share your release day content!!! Ever have engagement like that on your own? Nope.
  • Street Teams give your book instant credibility on Amazon (which makes you more sales). Tim Ferriss nailed this when he wrote The 4-Hour Body. He gave out 1000 advanced reader copies and the first 24 hours his book was out he received 300+ reviews. BOOM.

Having a Street Team is a long-term marketing strategy, and one I completely believe is worth your time and effort. I’m gathering one for my first novel, “On Distant Shores”. If you would like to join in (and watch how I do it so you can do it too) sign up here:

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