I’ve always liked old fashioned things. Heck I even have an 18th century corset I lace up on occasion. Just to get in the mood… and if there’s one thing I’ve learned about old fashioned things it’s this: they aren’t going anywhere.

The art of letter writing is something many writers find themself pining for – in fact we send letters even though we realize we probably won’t receive one in return. Why? Because as writers, we long to share a piece of ourselves with the person we are communicating with. Social media is NEVER going to replace that. Ever.

Wondering if that’s fact or fiction? Take a look at what happened last week with Facebook and Instagram down for several HOURS. And the world did not stop turning. If anything it solidified my desire to go back to simpler times. It reassured me that I can live without it, and so indeed, can we all. What we can’t live without is good old fashioned connection. And most people just don’t believe we get that through social media no matter how much time we spend there.

So here’s how I have adjusted my marketing strategy in the wake of Facebook-magedon (I just made up that word):

  • Leave Facebook – yes really. Timeline for that is in flux at the moment, but when I’m sure of the date I’ll let you know.
  • Up my email newsletter game – I’ve been remiss the past few months because it felt like it wasn’t working. When I reviewed my metrics comparing it to facebook and Instagram? No competition. My email readers love to interact, and that’s what I want. Get yours here.
  • Show up more on YouTube – my weekly marketing show will be transforming into a weekly show for authors that will include marketing but focus more on connection with each other and the craft. More art less sell.

No doubt many of you will think I’ve gone off the deep end – bonkers. That I must be mad to ignore what all the experts say. But readers are READERS, not browsers. And if I am to connect with the people I want to read my books then I need to create content to connect with *you guessed it* READERS. I’d love to hear your thoughts even if you disagree with my new strategy. Give it to me straight!

Do you agree?

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