It’s funny that I should title this post “A Guide for Newbies” when you consider that I, myself, am in fact… a newbie.

I’ve started it – in my mind – ever since I first heard about National Novel Writing Month 4 years ago. But I haven’t ever actually committed to writing every day for 30 days. With a daily writing goal. Eeegads. My throat is constricting just as I’m typing this now. But. I will persevere. Join me for #nanowrimo HERE.

2018 will mark my very first year of #nanowrimo and I will be chronicling the process for you over HERE on Instagram Stories.

I will send you my checklist for preparing for NANOWRIMO and The Newbies Guide to NaNoWriMo. Just send me your email address here for the goods and a weekly recap:


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