Preface: If you’re going to tell me that making money from your book isn’t important to you, then you’re on the wrong website. I believe you are worthy of making serious cash from the writing and publishing of your book. If this doesn’t resonate with you then seriously – I’ve got nothing for ya.

This right here? This lights me up. And it does that because I want to know that my books are being read and loved by my readers. How else am I supposed to know that if not by measuring my book sales?! 

We are on Day 21 of #nanowrimo2018 and I am stretching out for the finish. This book is going to launch me into fiction – a place where I go to play. What better than to PLAY for a living while Amazon sends me these emails once a quarter and a big fat check to match?! 🙂

Update me! How’s your #nanowrimo2018 coming?!

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