I love Pinterest for marketing my books. Can’t deny it, won’t even try. But my second love? The backseat driver/insurance policy/real engagement? It comes from Instagram.

Never in my life did I dream I could stomach another social media platform – #introvertsunite – but this isn’t exactly what Facebook has groomed us for over there. This is… more refined. A bit less raw, a bit more space between you and your readers.

Because ya’ll… I’m ALL about connection but I don’t want to spend every waking minute on Facebook! The latest reports tell us that is exactly what it takes to be seen unless you want to pay for ads. Nah.

So when I looked at using Instagram for my strategy instead of Facebook – there were a few must-haves for me:

  • I wanted to have a real strategy for gaining followers and from there get consistent opt-ins to my email list.
  • I wanted a beautiful layout and gorgeous pics without spending hours a day hunched over my phone or using canned photos.
  • It had to work-damn-it or I was going to toss it. Toss it reeeal good.
  • I could not and would not allow myself to be penalized for not answering my messages immediately. DM’s will be answered just not in a hot rush. Once a day was enough and not on weekends unless I felt like it.

And so I did it, and I got all those things. I went from 249 followers to more than 4000 as of today, and it grows daily now even if I don’t post. WINNING. I chronicled every step, because I’m awesome like that, knowing I would want to be able to teach my author friends how to do it too.

I boiled it all down into 5 emails, all of which you can learn and implement in under 10 minutes.

CLICK HERE to get those emails for yourself.

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