Now before I get publicly crucified for this, please watch this video first:

See, the thing is EVERY EDITOR misses something. The biggest, bestest, shiniest authors have books released with errors in them! There is no “perfect” in life and you certainly aren’t going to discover it when you hire an editor. This is no slight to editors either. Lord – what we do without editors of all kinds?! Am I right? But even they will tell you it is impossible to promise you they will catch every single thing in a manuscript. Do some editors rock it? Absolutely. YES! Again, this isn’t about editors.

This is about you, the writer, and how your expectations are getting in the way of getting your book out into the world.

What prompted this blog post was a phone call I just finished with a client. She found a grammatical error in her book (published and released a week prior to this conversation). And she LIT ME UP about it. One grammatical error, which, truth be told, might be an error and it might not be an error. Her English professor friend assured her it was in fact, AN ERROR, and she was letting me know about it.

A little back story here – she hired me to do interior formatting and design her cover. She provided me with a “print-ready” manuscript. Uh… hollah back there chickie. The line edits were not my job, yes I read your manuscript as I always do, and no I will not take responsibility for that might-be-error. I am happy to correct it to you desires, but that’s on you. And may I remind you – your book hit bestseller in your genre in Amazon AND Barnes & Noble… and made it to #1 in two categories?!

I’ll put my soapbox away now. <clears throat>

What I’m saying to you, dear writer, is that the editing really does need to be left alone and FINISHED at some point. The beta reader process will pick up anything glaringly obvious, and the rest we must leave to fate.

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Don’t let this part of the process become an upper limit problem for you – one that you bang your head on for weeks or months and never release your beautiful story.

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