Since I’m already a published author and have an email list I write to weekly, I thought it would be smart to consolidate the writing I do for my readers during #nanowrimo. So I had this brilliant plan to have each post here automatically send to my email subscribers. It worked… but only a little bit. If you saw yesterday’s email you’ll know what I’m talking about.

But I’m happy to say I fixed it – so during the month of November you’ll be hearing from me via this blog series.

And I really want to take advantage of that! Until now I’ve done my writing in dark corners and dimly lit coffee shops (or at public parks with my sunglasses on). You get the idea – I’ve done it alone without anyone to come together with. That’s changing this time, so if you are in the Warrensburg, Missouri area and would like to write (silently) over coffee – I’m at Old Drum Coffee Shop on Tuesday mornings by 9. I’ll have a #nanowrimo sticker on my laptop so you can recognize me there.

And don’t forget my daily #nanowrimo Instagram stories. They will provide some entertainment for ya during the soul crippling days to come. lol #keepinitreal

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