Keywords. I have received SO many questions about this – and after every consultation it is clear to me that we as an industry have royally screwed this up. Authors (like me too) don’t really get how important keywords are to LONGTERM SALES.

It’s not enough to choose keywords based on your genre, and your style, and heck, even the geographical setting of your book. You must look beyond that. I did a video training on how to DIY this – and you can totally do it yourself.

If it’s all greek to you – feel free to let me do it for you. Delivery within 48 hours as a DropBox file, all you’ll have to do is copy and paste them into your book description/website/etc. And don’t worry – I include instructions on how to do that too. Click below to make payment, then you will automatically be forwarded to a form to fill out so I’ll know all about your book and we can get started!


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