Whew. I totally underestimated the amount of gumption it is going to take to:

  1. write my novel
  2. write for my blog (here)
  3. write my Instagram updates
  4. keep up to date with my Facebook group

Like… I haven’t done all of those things on the same day yet – and it’s only day 9! But enough griping. Let’s get down to business.

I want to remind everyone reading this that if you are currently writing your book it would serve you well to also be marketing your book. Right now. Yes, before it is finished. This can do several things for you:

  1. By connecting with your audience NOW you will have a link into what they want from you, the author, and you can add those elements into your book as you go! Involve them and they will love you!
  2. Building your newsletter list now (even if you aren’t ready to actually send a newsletter) will give you a curated list of people who are waiting for your book to be available.
  3. Picking one social media outlet to focus on will help sales in so many ways, and it will reduce stress on release day because you’ll already have an audience waiting!

You may have NO idea how to do those three things I just listed. But it’s ok. 😉 I’ve made a little video guide for how to add bits of marketing into your writing schedule AND how to do that without so much as a dime to spend on ads. Want it?

Hop over to my YouTube channel and check it out!


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